Blacktime Celestial 11PM. The First Watch of Its Kind.

The design of the 11PM, integrating Holographic-like dual 3D AMOLED screens, promotes a retro vision of the future. There are options for touch screen and button controls, quick access to the most important functions in the watch, and easy-to-use sensors and interfaces for measuring your blood oxygen level, checking your heart rate, and tracking your sleep.

What is it that makes the 11PM so special?

The watch dial is the perfect picture of craftsmanship. Down to the smallest detail, we have created a watch that is worth owning and worth cherishing.

Our view, as we are sourcing materials, is that every piece of the watch must complement the design.

We have, for this reason, opted to use high-tech ceramics for certain bezels and cases, the heated zirconium ensuring some of the most reliable scratch-proofing possible.

Meanwhile, the case is stainless steel, both tough and sleek.

Most notably, we used rubber as one of our hallmark materials. This is why our “Butterfly Deployant” clasp is adjustable.

Because you get to choose your fit, you can make the 11PM fit on your wrist, no matter what the size may be.

Unlimited Innovation

In a universe of too-similar smartwatches, we’ve engineered a smartwatch unlike anything before—or after it. 

Our Story

The debut Blacktime timepiece

"Blacktime, an emerging watch brand, has announced their plans to further blur the line between technology and apparel. Although their style would seem appropriate at even the most exclusive haute couture events, they have nevertheless left no doubt about their intentions, researching and engineering one of the most comprehensive offerings of trackers and tools in any smart watch on the market."

No time for ordinary. Your adventure starts now.

To some people, a watch may be simply a watch, but to see the mastery and artistry with which the Blacktime team navigates the sector, one gets a clear sense that some watches are different – that some watches, like the 11PM, do much, much more than tick away the hours.